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Published December 2, 2017
Why Should We Use VPN

How To use VPN

Why Should We Use VPN:

VPN , We all have heard this term but not all of us are Aware of What it is and What it do. To spread some awareness about What VPN is ? and Why you should We use VPN  , I am writing this blog . 

So , Basically  VPN is Virtually Private Network which Helps users to Securely access a Private network and Share data Securely through Public networks.

Like Firewall Protects your computer Data , VPN does the Moreover same Job to Prevent your Data Online .

Still Thinking Why You Should Be Using VPN ? Here are the Reasons :

Why Should We Use VPN
How to use VPN
When We are accessing Public Wifi Then it becomes important to maintain privacy because Anyone can be Sniffing your details and even  Hijacking your session BUT When You are using VPN then You don’t need to worry Because When VPN is Turned on then all your data goes Encrypted Through a tunnel and Prevent your data from Prying eyes . 
If you are a traveler or a user who is regularly using public wireless, then a VPN is a very wise investment in privacy. 
Bypass the Country’s Web Censorship and Content Surveillance:
Why Should We Use VPN


In the same way ‘Acceptable Use’ policies are enforced at workplaces
and schools, some nations choose to impose oppressive internet censoring
on their entire countries. Egypt, Afghanistan, China, Cuba, Saudi
Arabia, Syria, and Belarus are some examples of nations who surveil and
limit access to the World Wide Web.

If you live in one of these
restrictive countries, connecting to a VPN server will enable you to
tunnel out of the censorship restrictions and access the full World Wide
Web. Simultaneously a VPN conceals your page-by-page activity from any
government eavesdropping. 

As with all VPN connections, your bandwidth
will be slower than the uncloaked internet, but the Freedom is
absolutely worth it.



Why Should We Use VPN

Search Engines like Google , Bing or Any other search engine will definitely catalog Your search records .Your online search choices are then attached to your computer’s IP
address and are subsequently used to customize the advertising and
future searches for your machine .

Don’t let Google store your searches for ‘anti-depressants,’ ‘love
advice,’ ‘divorce lawyers,’ and ‘anger management.’ Consider getting a
VPN and cloak your IP address so you can keep your searches private.



Avoid Reprisals and Traceback Because of Your Researching:

Why Should We Use VPN


Perhaps you are a celebrity, or you are an employee doing market
research of your competition. Perhaps you are a reporter or writer who
covers sensitive topics like war atrocities, violence against women, or
human trafficking. Perhaps you are a law enforcement officer
investigating cyber criminals. In any of these cases, it is in your best
interests to make your computer untraceable to prevent reprisals.

A personal VPN connection is the best choice for manipulating your IP address and rendering you untraceable. 


Because You Believe Privacy Is a Basic Right:

Why Should We Use VPN


All the above reasons notwithstanding, you are a firm believer in
personal privacy and the right to broadcast and receive without being
surveilled and cataloged by authorities. And that is perhaps the biggest
philosophical reason you want to spend 15 dollars a month on a good VPN
connection service. 






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