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Published December 2, 2017
Safeguard Mobile Phone against Spywares

Safeguard Mobile Phone against Spywares:

Nowadays  , There’s a lot our data can say about us . We have All our Confidential emails and private Photos , and that’s when maintaining online privacy becomes Important .

There are a lot We can do to prevent our data from being spied . In this blog , I will be sharing some Best methods which can be used in order to maintain your privacy and prevent your data and A guide on Safeguard Mobile Phone against Spywares. 

When Spyware is installed in a device , the attacker is able to Capture your photos , can Record your microphone ,can get your files ,can Know what you are typing , can Know where you are and Access to message s and call logs too .

So , Here’s all the Security measures I think can Prevent your mobile phone from being Spied . 

Download Source :
Safeguard Mobile Phone against Spywares

When you download anything online be aware , avoid getting things from unknown resources . Prefer Official Websites , If you are Downloading applications then also prefer Google Play Store and Apple App Store . These Stores make sure that every app Passes through security checks and only approved developers can make their app show on App Stores . 

Patched APKs :

Safeguard Mobile Phone against Spywares
We all love to have games with unlimited coins and lives and Applications with premium Access For Free . These patched Apps can have backdoors With can spy on your phone and get your data . So , Avoid these Free patched apps and if you want to use premium access then Pay for it . There are chances that “Mini Militia Free Patch” that you have downloaded contains spyware and virus

Use Strong Passwords : 

Safeguard Mobile Phone against Spywares
In order to keep your device Safe from Spywares and Viruses you should keep your screen Locked with a strong password . This is because For installing spyware Sometimes physical access is required  , but if we keep Strong passwords on Screen then we can make our device more safer . 

Use Anti-Malwares : 

Safeguard Mobile Phone against Spywares

There are a Lot of Anti-Malwares to choose from. You can try them for free and if you like that then prefer buying the paid version of the Anti-Malware . Paid Version Has Some more features and offer better security too . 

Applications Permission : 

Safeguard Mobile Phone against Spywares
Whenever We click on download/install on Any App then it shows some Permissions Request , which we usually accept without seeing . But this could lead to Data loss and many more . You can also disable some permissions in The settings . There’s A App Named UnHack , It does this job for you . It tells you that Which Application is using Extra Permissions or Can be spyware .

Download it From Here 

Stay Tuned , I will be posting such Posts Regularly So Stay tuned to our Blog.


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