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Published November 18, 2017
Today, In this blog post We are going to reveal all the methods that hackers generally use to Hack Facebook Account Password easily. Must read all these methods, beware of all attacks, and protect your Facebook account from hackers.Sharing all the methods to Prevent Hacking. 

Note:- This post is only for security purposes, don’t try any illegal activity and I’ve just shared these methods for protecting the facebook accounts from these types of hacking attacks. These methods are described in order to prevent Hacking.

#1 Phishing :

Phishing is the most commonly used techniques by Hackers. In this method, A Fake Replica(Copy) Of Original Page is made in order to steal Your credentials. The user is compelled to Open that Phishing link by sending Fake emails and when user Opens then atheSame Page is Presented . The info User entered is sent to the attacker and after that User is redirected back to the original Site . By analysing the site you can easily Prevent Hacking.

Prevention From Phishing: 

#1.Use Browsers which detects Phishing Attacks , Like Google Chrome .

#2.Don’t Open your Account on others Devices .

#3.Never Click on Fake emails which Asks you your Credentials . 

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#2 Keyloggers :

Keyloggers Can be the easiest tool to hack someone’s Account Details . Keyloggers are very dangerous sometimes . Even the one with good Computer knowledge can Also Fall in this Trap. Keyloggers basically Records the every key You press and On which websites you pressed what. Installing Keyloggers needs Physical Access to the machine . The key strokes are then sent back to the Hacker using FTP or an Email.  

Prevention From Keylogger :

#1. Prefer Downloading Websites from the official Store/Sources Only 

#2. Scan your Drives regularly For Viruses. 

#3. Have Good Internet Security. 


#3 Hacking Wifi Network :

There’s Bundle of tutorials On Internet Which SHows how to hack wifi . If You uses weak Passwords then You are the one Under threat . Change Your Password Today and Create a Strong Password . A hacker Who is in your network Can easily Sniff All the Traffic and hijack your all the sessions . 

Prevention :

#1. Don’t Use Public Wi-fi (Ex , At Airports , Cafe , etc.)

#2. If you are Using Public Wifi then Turn your Firewall On and Use VPN .

#3. Change Your Wifi Password Periodically . 


#4 Logout : 

Usually, users never log out Facebook account from their computer. It takes just a few seconds to hit the logout button. Anyone can access your Facebook account if you leave your computer while your Facebook account is logged in. Therefore make sure to Logout every time you log in. 

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#5 Social Engineering :

This is again one of the most commonly used method .In this method, The Hacker uses Some Commonly used Passwords , Like [email protected], D.O.B , and MObile number etc. . If these are the passwords You have used than any good hacker can effortlessly guess the password and hack into your account.

Prevention From Phishing:

#1.Never share personal information via email, chat messenger, phone
#2.Avoid links from unknown or suspicious sites
#3.Blocking USB devices to avoid the risk of Baiting

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